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Mechanical Pushbutton Locks

Replace your door lock with an inexpensive mechanical door lock. The Keyless Door Lock is easy to install. This new mechanical pushbutton lock is very heavy duty. The keyless door lock will replace most bottom type keyed latch knob locks.

  • Fully Mechanical Pushbutton. Heavy duty construction.
  • 5-pin Schlage (SC) type keyway.
  • Weatherproof Stainless Steel Construction
  • Fit Standard Door Prep, Easy replacing old lock
  • Use 5-7 digit code.
  • Can be adjusted to a right-hand or a left-hand door.
  • Will fit on any standard door (1 1/4 inch or 1 3/4 inch thickness).
  • Storeroom function included, the lockset automatically locks from outside whenever the door is closed.
  • The lock comes with extra wide heavy steel plates for both sides to fully cover a 2 1/8 inch hole with very small door modification.

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Mechanical Pushbutton Locksets


Heavy Duty Pushbutton Locksets


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