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Keyless Door Lock by KeylessDepot.com

Remote Control Door Locks

CA Technology Inc. distributes a full line of home security hardware; the remote control door locks will lock and unlock your doors using a high-security infrared remote system (similar to Luxury Automobile system). Single push button programming procedure, very user friendly. Each lock recognizes up to 30 different remote control codes. Each remote transmitter is programmable to open up to 30 different doors. The lock set uses 4 conventional AA batteries. Low battery consumption, lasts up to 18,000 times of usage per set of batteries.

Remote Keyless Door Locks

Touchpad Electronic Door Locks

Touchpad electronic lockset is convenient keyless access to your home. Don't risk hiding your house key under a doormat. The Touchpad Electronic Lock Set allows you to lock and unlock your door using your own two-to-eight digit security code. With keyless access, you're free to go out without bringing your house keys (or losing them while you're out!).

Touchpad Keyless Home Door Locks

Interconnected Mechancial Electronic Door Locks

Victor lock brand is a specially designed alarm incorporated into this new lock will be activated when a burglar manipulates the inside lever handle from outside of a door with special picking tools. The alarm also activates if a lock is opened after a intruder enters the house through windows or other doors then turns the lever handle from inside.


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